2006 Little Miss & Master St. James

Sunday--February 19th Gramercy Elementary School
Director: Margo Bordelon (225) 869-8378 or (225) 715-4078

Girls Age Divisions: 0-11 mos., 12-23 mos, 2 yrs, 3-4 yrs, 5-6 yrs, 7-8 yrs, 9-11 yrs, 12-13 yrs.

Boys Age Divisions: 0-23 mos, 2-4 yrs, 5-8 yrs.

PRIZES AWARDED: ALL contestants will receive: a nice trophy & gift bag. Queens & Kings: Registered title for one year, Beautiful trophy, Satin/rhinestone crown, Keepsake titled Banner. Princess Alternates & Prince Alternates: EVERY child will be recognized as SPECIAL!!!!!!! Prettiest Hair, Prettiest Eyes, Prettiest Smile, Best Fashion & Best Personality awarded in each age division. Hospitality Queen/King: Refer the most contestants & win a large crown. Photogenic: Nice Gift. People's Choice Queen/King: LARGE Crown. Every guest will get a vote at the door. Additional votes are available for $1. The more guests/votes you get, the better your chances. NAME:_________________________________BOY/GIRL:_______________

MAILING ADDRESS:______________________________________________




SPONSORED BY:_______________________________EYES:_____________



FAVORITES:(TV SHOW)__________________________TOY:_____________


(SONG)____________________________REFERRED BY:_________________

Beauty Pageant Entry:--ENTER EVERYTHING FOR ONLY-----$80 ( )

(includes photogenic, all side awards, supremes & overalls!!!)

Every contestant that enters by Monday-Sept 11 is guranteed a crown
on stage!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sponsorship Tickets--$1/each--CAN BY COPIED, OR CALL FOR MORE
NAME:__________________ NAME:_________________ NAME:________________
PHONE:_________________ PHONE:__________________PHONE:________________
SOLD BY:_______________SOLD BY:________________SOLD BY:_______________

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